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VUSE Study Abroad


Yes, engineering students DO study abroad. When and where will your learning adventure take you? To the beauty and history of Europe? To some of the world's fastest growing economies in Asia?  To the warmth - atmospheric and personal - down under in Australia and New Zealand? There are few life experiences that are truly transformational; studying abroad is one of them. Change your life and your resume by studying abroad. You can choose from more than 25 direct-credit programs in engineering and over 100 other direct-credit programs. Financial aid applies to study abroad during the academic year. 

How do I get started?

  • Attend a GEO Study Abroad Fair or VUSE Study Abroad info session at the start of the fall or spring semester.
    • VUSE study abroad info sessions will be on Tues. 1/13/2015 at 5:10 p.m. and Thurs. 1/15/2015 at 5:10 pm in FGH 132.
    • The GEO Study Abroad Fair will be on Wed 1/14/2015 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the Student Life Center ballrooms.
  • Attend a Global Education Office (GEO) Study Abroad 101 session
  • Read the VUSE Study Abroad FAQ
  • Talk with your academic adviser about your curriculum plan.  What to ask?    Ask him or her these questions:
    • Am I on track to graduate on time in my major?  What is the four-year plan for my degree?
    • Are there any potential changes or adjustments to my schedule or the curriculum ahead?
    • What courses can I move to a different semester to accommodate study abroad?
    • Do you have any recommendations about where I should study abroad in order to maximize my personal and professional development?
  • Investigate programs suitable for your major:  academic year, summer direct credit  or summer transfer credit
  • Plan your curriculum (see examples linked from this page ) 
  • Consult with a GEO Study Abroad Advisor
  • If you have additional questions, contact VUSE Associate Dean Cynthia Paschal
  • Submit your application!

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