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Robert J. Webster III

Robert J. Webster, III
Name: Robert J. Webster, III
Phone: 615 322 0193
Fax: 615 343 6687
Office: 510 Olin Hall
Mail: VU Box 351592 Sta B
  Nashville, TN 37235-1592 USA
  Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University -2007

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University -2004

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Clemson University -2002

Research Interests

Electromechanical design, modeling and control, medical systems, image-guided surgery, flexible robots, mobile and legged medical robots, biosensors, human-machine interfaces

Current Projects

Medical & Electromechanical Design Laboratory
Professor Robert J. Webster III
In the MED Lab we are dedicated to improving medicine through engineering at the "meso-scale" - from hundreds of microns to tens of centimeters - which lies between the traditional macro scale (e.g. industrial robot manipulators) and the micro scale (e.g. MEMS devices). We work with Doctors to understand the limitations of current surgical practice and tools, and then apply the principles of electromechanical science (design, robotics, mathematical modeling, sensing, dynamics, control, etc.) to improve patient outcomes. Examples of our research include steerable needles, dexterous meso-scale scopes and lasers, enhanced laparoscopic tools, and pill-sized endoscopic capsule robots.


Link to Professor Webster's Publications