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Tributes to the Engineering Class of 2020

Congratulations Cyan. We are so proud of you. You are amazing and you have a great future ahead of you. Keep going and stay focus. Love you, Mom and Dad




Congrats on earning your Master of Engineering! What an AWESOME accomplishment! The family is so proud of you!

Love Mom (HUGS) 

Brooks -

You have made it!!! Your family is so very proud of you and excited about your future. What an incredible experience you have had. Life IS forward!


Congratulations Will Harlow, Vanderbilt School of Engineering class of 2020!

Love from your family!

Congratulations Mia we love you and you have made history as the first female Engineer in the family!

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Congratulations, Sophia, it has been a fabulous learning experience for the last four years. Difficult and enlightening engineering courses, the Glasgow study abroad semester, the European cultural adventure tour, the Student Launch Team, the Northwestern and Art Institute of Chicago summer job, the radio executive producer and DJ experience, your violin participation with the Vandy Orchestra, the ankle prosthesis project, and the intracellular tension force modeling project. Whew, you have been busy and have excelled in all of these. Along the way you made some wonderful friends who will stay with you forever and had some fun. Good luck and best wishes as you go out into the world as a fine, accomplished, articulate young lady.

- Grandpa

PS: We will really miss the weekly SMoak Break


Congratulations on a very successful college career at Vanderbilt University.

- Sophia Moak, Class of 2020

Sam we are so very proud of you and your work at Vanderbilt. Being on the Dean’s list all four years and finishing a Computer Science Engineering degree in two years is quite amazing along with landing a job at Amazon in Austin. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Julia and Grace 

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To the class of 2020, especially those I've had the privilege of teaching or who worked in my lab: Congratulations on this significant milestone. Best wishes moving forward. Be ambitious, happy, and productive!

- Bobby Bodenheimer

To Aaron Niederman (BS'20):
Congrats on the Fulbright Scholarship! It was a pleasure to engage in discussion and debate in the Engineering and Public Policy class this semester. I hope you had as good of a time as I did.
Best of luck in your next adventure,
Prof. Rowe 

To our scholar-athletes especially Kacie Breeding, Kendall Derry, and Harrison Thomas, all of whom I had the pleasure of teaching -- 

I congratulate you on completing your degrees while simultaneously meeting the challenges of crazy early, long, hard workouts, travel to meets, competition pressure, and more. I was and remain so impressed by your focus, organization, and can-do attitude. Your intense discipline as scholar-athletes will carry you far. Please stay in touch. I will miss you!

Best regards,
Dr. P. 
(Prof. Cynthia B. Paschal) 

To Rhett Britton, Jorie Budzikowski, Antonio Glenn, Noah Mallory, Cerie Ock, and Aidan Pace of the amazing VU BME Class of 2020:

Guat's up?! It was an honor to serve with you in Guatemala as you put your many biomedical engineering skills to great use. Your intelligence, engineering skills, compassion, and perseverance are wonderful gifts and I know that you will continue to use them to make the world a better place. Congratulations on your many accomplishments and please stay in touch. I will miss you so much.

Best regards,
Dr. P. 
(Prof. Cynthia B. Paschal)