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Meet Our Graduate Students

photo of BME graduate studen, Emelina Vienneau

Roza Gunes Bayrak

Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science

"I chose Vanderbilt Engineering School because of the abundance of research and collaboration opportunities. It is amazing that Vanderbilt is continuously expanding the expertise by hiring field-leading researchers and encouraging unique interdisciplinary research opportunities.

photo of BEAM lab

I am a Computer Science PhD student in the field of neuroimage analysis.

The overarching goal of my research is to find generalizable mappings between observed data and, biomarkers of human cognition and behavior. My vision is to both leverage and improve state-of-the-art machine learning methods to design more intelligent models of human brain function using large-scale neuroimaging datasets.

Life at Vandy

I love our campus. Taking breaks at lunchtime and walking in the arboretum is like a short, refreshing hike that is right outside of your door. Here, they care about our mental health, there is always some meditation or yoga classes, outdoor recreation trips, and various counseling opportunities to keep you going when things seem overwhelming.

People are very friendly and welcoming in Vandy. There is plenty of opportunities for meeting and socializing with peers and faculty. Vanderbilt Institute of Surgery and Engineering (VISE) is a great example. At VISE, clinicians and engineering experts work together to develop novel solutions. I am on the steering committee of Women of VISE, which gathers monthly to foster community and networking and to champion the success of women in STEM fields. We are more than just a group—we are friends and each others’ cheerleaders. In addition to my peers, I work with amazing mentors.

I work with amazing mentors. I adore my PI Catie Chang, ( computer science, electrical engineering, and computer engineering), and I work in collaboration with Yuankai Huo, (electrical engineering and computer science), and Matthew Berger, (computer science and computer engineering). These people are the reason why if I had it to do over, I’d choose Vandy again.

Roza BayrakFor fun

I am very outdoorsy, I create time to go camping and canoeing, which Nashville has plenty of opportunities. I also enjoy spending time at home, reading, cuddling my two beautiful cats, Fjord and Rhombus, inviting friends over and playing board games. 


Selected Publications 

1.       Bayrak, Roza G. , Salas, Jorge A., Huo, Yuankai, Chang, Catie. “A Deep Pattern Recognition Approach for Inferring Respiratory Volume Fluctuations from fMRI Data.”, NIH Award, In International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2020  

2.      Bayrak, Roza G., Hoang, Nhung, Hansen, Colin B., Chang, Catie, Berger, Matthew. “PRAGMA: Interactively Constructing Functional Brain Parcellations.”, Best Paper Honorable Mention, IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), 2020.

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