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Incoming Students, Class of 2026

All newly admitted Engineering students should review the information below to help prepare for registration and the transition to Vanderbilt. Parents and families of newly admitted Engineering students can visit the section below for information on our new webinar. 

Engineering New Student Orientation

Engineering Transfer Student Orientation

Engineering Convocation

Webinar Recording

The Fall 2022 registration webinar recording is now available to view. The recording is available to download after you visit the recording link. If you were unable to attend either webinar, please make sure you watch this recording from the Tuesday, May 31st webinar session:

The following information has been compiled specifically for the School of Engineering Class of 2026.

Please complete these forms as appropriate and submit them by the published deadlines.


Resources for Incoming Students

General Academic Success resources:

Pre-Calculus Resources (a solid background in pre-calculus will set you up best for success in the required Calculus sequence):


Registration questions may be answered using the YES User Guides on the University Registrar's website


Resources for Parents and Families 

As parents and other interested family members, you have important roles to play in the success of new undergraduate students in the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. We--faculty and staff of VUSE--look forward to partnering with you in supporting your young scholar in their personal and professional journey. Join us for a webinar designed to give you helpful information and suggested strategies. The same webinar will be offered on two seperate dates: June 21st and June 24th. Registration links are posted below. A recording will be made available for those unable to attend either session. 

Supporting Your Engineering Student: A Webinar for Parents of New School of Engineering Students 

Please use this link to watch a recording from the June 21st webinar -

Please use this link to access the presentation slides -