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Immunization Requirements

The State of Tennessee has established certain immunization requirements for all full-time enrollees in a higher education institution in the state. All admitted students intending to matriculate at Vanderbilt University must submit documentation of the required immunizations to the Zerfoss Student Health Center ( prior to enrolling in classes.

For details about state and university immunization requirements and information on how to submit appropriate documentation, please visit the Zerfoss Student Health Center website at:

All incoming students must be compliant with the immunization requirements before registration for their initial term of enrollment.

Registration Holds

In order to ensure compliance with these state-mandated requirements, a registration hold will be placed on the accounts of all admitted students intending to matriculate. This hold will prevent students from enrolling in classes until all immunization requirements have been met and the hold released. You will see the Student Health Imm Hold on the YES Landing Page, including information on the compliance process.

Immunization Questions

If you have any questions about immunization requirements, please contact the Zerfoss Student Health Center at 615-322-2427.

If you have questions about the immunization registration hold, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 615-322-7701 or