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ES 140x - Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is required of all entering engineering students. This three-part introductory course is designed to assist students in choosing a major or confirming a choice of major and to provide access to engineering topics that otherwise may not be explored. 

The course is divided into three, four-week modules (ES 1401, 1402, 1403) to be taken one after the other (also known as “in series”). Students must register for all three modules in order to get credit for Introduction to Engineering.  All modules are offered during the same time period, MWF 12:20–1:10 p.m. Each module counts for one credit hour of the three credit hour requirement, and individual grades will be reported for each module.

Module descriptions are available on YES. It is important to read the descriptions of each section within each module. Students may not take more than one module with the same description. Students may select all three modules from different disciplines, however students are limited to taking no more than two modules from the same discipline or major. 

Modules for ES 1401, 1402 and 1403 are to be chosen based on areas of interest of the student’s choice and in no particular order (for example: ES 1401 does not have to be in your chosen major). Students should be mindful of the notes listed under each Introduction to Engineering section as they state the content of the modules. No section contains a prerequisite of any kind.

Questions regarding Introduction to Engineering should be referred to Assistant Dean for Academic Programs Julie Vernon, via email at or phone at 615-322-2441.