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Registering for Your Classes Using YES

YES is available from the Vanderbilt homepage via a link at the bottom right-hand corner of the Vanderbilt homepage, or you may go directly to Use your VUnetID and e-password to access YES.

Once you are logged in, the system will default to your landing page. The landing page provides access to your academic applications. To navigate these applications, use the icons below your student photo or the applications tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. The navigation bar is the same throughout many of your academic applications.

Select the Student Registration link from your navigation bar or the available icons. When you enter Student Registration, the system will default you to class search. You may then begin to select your classes using the quick search or advanced search feature and add them to your class cart. The quick search is based on the subject area, course number, and title. The search will return any classes with those criteria that you type in the search box. The advanced search link will allow you to refine your search by selecting additional criteria. Both methods of searching will allow you to select your classes.

Once the classes are selected, click the enroll button for each class and repeat until all of your classes have been selected. 

Click “Submit” after your selections have been made to complete your registration.

Messages will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen after you select the enroll button. The messages will say you have successfully enrolled in the class or that you were not enrolled. If you were not enrolled, the error message will tell you why. If you receive an error message, you will have to click on the message to remove it. Success messages will disappear after five seconds.