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Optional First Year Seminars

Insight. Innovation. Impact. These words describe the contributions from every field of engineering, but where do you begin? The School of Engineering offers optional freshman seminars that provide first-year students the chance to work and learn in small group environments with experienced engineering professors. 

Students will explore current engineering topics and begin to learn how to approach solving real-world problems with the guidance of an expert in the field. These courses are designed to introduce students to the important contributions that engineers make to technology and their impact on society. Students learn about the teamwork and communication skills that enhance the creative processes involved in engineering as well as the engineering approach to problem solving.

Most of these courses will be offered in the spring semester as Commons Seminars, but one seminar will be offered in the fall: 

  1. ES 1115.01: Moore’s Law and the Engineering Economy

You may find the course description and the course meeting times in the schedule of courses on YES. You will receive information about the seminars planned for spring before the spring registration period begins. If you choose to take a seminar this fall, you will earn one hour of open elective credit from this very unique experience.