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Credit Evaluation Process for All Transfer Students


***This applies only to transfer students.  Existing students should visit 104 Featheringill Hall to learn how to have courses evaluated for credit. 


To begin the transfer credit evaluation process, you must upload a syllabus for each course you have taken into the TransCred system, found at Vanderbilt faculty will evaluate each of your courses to determine how your credits will transfer. Therefore, it is important that you submit a detailed syllabus (rather than a course description) for each course that you completed at your previous institution(s). Many of our faculty will not evaluate a course without a syllabus.

Once you have uploaded your syllabi, it generally can take anywhere from two to six weeks for all of your credits to be evaluated. The status of your transfer credit can be found if you log into TransCred.

It is likely that all of your credits will not be evaluated by the time that you enroll in classes for the Fall.

In general, you will earn hours of credit for most courses that you have completed. A few exceptions include physical education classes and general first-year orientation courses. Faculty will determine whether your courses have direct equivalents to Vanderbilt courses (e.g. MATH 1300) and, if not, how the non-­equivalent credit may count toward major requirements.

As you search YES for classes, please keep in mind the courses that you have completed and try to avoid any classes at Vanderbilt that may sound similar. Your adviser is available to help you through this process.

If you enroll in a class for which you later find out that you have earned transfer credit, you will have an opportunity to make changes to your schedule during the open enrollment period that lasts from the end of July until the end of August.

**If you are taking courses during the summer prior to your matriculation at Vanderbilt, those credits are subject to our Summer Work Elsewhere policies. Please see the conditions below.

  • Student must be in good standing
  • The college or university must be a fully accredited institution with standards equivalent to those of Vanderbilt.
  • The course(s) may not be taken on a pass-fail basis.
  • The course(s) may not be part of the last 30 credit hours.