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VUSE Study Abroad

Yes, Vanderbilt engineering students DO study abroad. When and where will your learning adventure take you? To the beauty and charm of Europe? To some of the world's fastest growing economies in Asia?  To the warmth - atmospheric and personal - down under in Australia and New Zealand?  To the beautiful vistas and ancient cultures of Africa and South America?  There are few life experiences that are truly transformational; studying abroad is one of them. Change your life and your resume by studying abroad. You can choose from more than 25 direct-credit programs in engineering and over 100 other direct-credit programs. Financial aid applies to study abroad during the academic year.

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Learn about study abroad through VU

What you will need to do ?

  1. Plan your eight-semester curriculum
  2. Choose your program
  3. Revise your curriculum
  4. Apply
  5. GO! Learn, have fun, and send us pictures of yourself abroad

If you have additional questions, contact VUSE Assistant Dean Julie Vernon
For appointments and questions email: