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Summer Transfer Credit Study Abroad Opportunities for Engineers

There are some great opportunities to study engineering and related subjects abroad over the summer.  You get all the benefits of study abroad plus typically the flexibility to add travel or other activities.  In addition to the direct-credit summer programs offered through the VU Global Education Office, here are links to English-language summer programs other VUSE students have enjoyed:

Here are some other English-language summer programs abroad of potential interest but with which VUSE does not yet have experience:

A few important notes:

  • These are NOT direct credit programs and are not offered through VU GEO.  Thus, you need to fill this form in advance to see if the course(s) will count toward your degree.  If accepted for transfer credit, grades for these programs will NOT count in your GPA.
  • VU financial aid does not cover summer study abroad, though some funding may be available through  the Gilman International Scholarship program.