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Your Eight-Semester Curriculum

  1. Using the format of your choice, lay out your plan for meeting your degree requirements. It might look like the spreadsheet below or like one of the sample study abroad curricula on this page. Note that your adviser may have a specific format you are to use.
  2. Start with the eight semester plan for your major outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Note any credits you’ve earned via AP, IB, or at another institution.
  3. Try to identify the semester that is the least constrained (e.g., mostly electives of various kinds and no more than one or two core courses); this is likely the best semester for you to study abroad.
  4. Consult with your academic adviser to confirm that you will meet all degree requirements, prerequisite streams, etc. and that your plan can be scheduled (e.g. no fall only courses planned for a spring term).
  Math Basic Science Eng Funda-mentals Major Core Program Electives Technical Electives LAC Open Electives
AP/IB/Transfer credit                
Math 1300 4              
US History - no equivalent             3  
Year 1 Fall                
Chem 1601, 1601 L   4            
ES 1401-1403     3          
LAC elective             3  
Math 1301 4              
Year 1 Spring                
Chem 1602, 1602 L   4            
CS 1101     3          
Math 2300 3              
Phys 1601, 1601 L   4            
Year 2 Fall