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Financial Information

Tuition for M.Eng. students is charged at the same rate as tuition in the graduate school (for 2023/2024 at the rate of $2,281 per semester hour with a minimum tuition charge of $200 per semester). Tuition and fees are set annually by the Board of Trust and are subject to review and change without further notice.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and all other university charges incurred prior to or at registration are due and payment must be received by August 31 for the fall semester and December 31 for the spring semester. All charges incurred after classes begin are due and payment must be received in full by the last business day of the month in which they are billed to the student. If payment is not made within that time, your classes may be canceled. Visit  for payment options.

Students/Guarantors will be responsible for payment of all costs, including reasonable attorney fees and collection agency fees, incurred by the university in collecting monies owed to the university. The university will assess a $25.00 fee for any check or e-payment returned by the bank and reserves the right to invoke the laws of the State of Tennessee governing bad check laws.

E-Billing and Access to a Student’s Vanderbilt Account

Vanderbilt exclusively uses convenient and secure electronic billing (e-bills) for student account charges. Students may need to take action to enable parents, guardians, and other “invited payers” to receive e-bill notices and access to the e-bill website. Students may access their online invoices from their YES landing page at Once they have signed in to YES, they may view invoices under the Billing Portal link.

Students are responsible for granting access to parents, guardians, or other payers who should receive email billing notifications. To do this, students log in to YES and click the “billing portal link.” On your CashNet Account page, click “Add New” in the “Other Payers” section. Enter the information that is requested, and click “OK.” (You must enter the “login name” that your authorized payer will use as a username—the logon and password will be sent to your authorized payer in an email.) Tutorials are located online at . Any month in which there is activity on the student’s account, an e-bill will be generated and an email notification sent to the student’s Vanderbilt email address, as well as to the email addresses of others they have invited. The email notification will have the subject line “Your E-Bill Is Now Available for Viewing” and will contain a link to the secure e-bill website. Payments may be made electronically, or for those wishing to mail a payment, a payment coupon can be printed. When an electronic payment is made, a confirmation email will be sent. It remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that bills are paid on or before the due date.

The Office of Student Accounts can be contacted at (615) 322-6693, toll-free at (800) 288-1144, or via email at For additional information, please visit the Student Accounts website at .

Refunds of Tuition Charges

University policy for the refund of tuition charges provides a percentage refund based on the time of withdrawal. Students who withdraw officially or are dismissed from the university for any reason may be entitled to a partial refund in accordance with the established schedule below. Fees are nonrefundable.

Withdrawal / Refund Schedule:

The schedule to withdraw from courses and the tuition refund schedule for the M.Eng. program is the same as that used for the undergraduate students and can be found on the Student Accounts website at

Payment Options

Direct Payment: Tuition, fees, and all other charges are paid directly to the university. Payment for the fall semester is due by August 31. Payment for the spring semester is due by December 31. Students can pay online after viewing their e-bill at . There is no further action required for this option.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan: Students can spread payment over five monthly installments for each semester (fall and spring), interest free, by enrolling in the VANDYPlan, currently administered by Higher One. Details and important dates can be found at:  For further information, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at (615) 322-6693 or (800) 288-1144.

Late Payment of Fees

All charges not paid by the specified due dates will be assessed a late payment fee of $1.50 on each $100 owed (minimum late fee of $5).

Financial Clearance

No transcript (official or unofficial) will be issued for a student who has an outstanding balance. Diplomas of graduating students will not be released until all indebtedness to the university is cleared.