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Endowed Scholarships

The School of Engineering has no higher priority than scholarship support. Scholarships attract the brightest young minds to Vanderbilt. Here they receive a superb engineering education and enrich the intellectual community of their peers. The cost of attending a private university is beyond the reach of a growing number of students. Scholarships are needed to remove the barrier of high tuition for the engineering students who have financial need.

Coble Family Scholarship

"My father fervently believed in an engineering education, and it was because of him that I attended Vanderbilt's School of Engineering. My engineering background has played a critical role in my success, and Vanderbilt has long been an important part of my family's history. It is my pleasure to give back and help ensure that future students have the chance to receive the top quality education and college experience that I received."
 ~Bill Coble, BE'54

Bill and Neely Coble established the Coble Family Scholarship in 2007. Mary Ellen is one of many engineering students who, throughout the future of Vanderbilt, will benefit from their generosity.

If you'd like to know more about merit scholarship opportunities and deadlines, please visit Vanderbilt's Merit Scholarship Application website.