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Kevin Warren

Research Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Staff Engineer II

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Vanderbilt University Institute for Space and Defense Electronics 2003-Current

  • Developed novel methodologies for predicting single event upset rates in hardened technologies through advanced simulation techniques using physics based radiation transport software (e.g., Geant4, MRED)
  • Served as Principle Investigator for the development and migration of in-house developed radiation transport tools for government and commercial partners
  • Designed, developed, and integrated space environment modeling modules and tools including those for the transport of charged particles through the Earth’s magnetosphere using Geant4
  • Established new laboratories and design facilities for the development of electronics and systems for spaceflight
  • Served as lead systems engineer and project technical manager for payload designs on CubeSat programs
  • Served as lead for multiple heavy ion, proton, and dose-rate testing campaigns
  • Managed contracts relating to the analysis of electronic components and semiconductor processes for use in high reliability applications in space radiation environments
  • Performed design and layout of test chips and developed test plans for weapons radiation environment applications
  • Performed extensive design analysis and simulation of high reliability electronics for medical implantable devices and the effects of terrestrial and diagnostic radiation sources on their failure rates
  • Managed junior engineers and students in meeting contract goals related to the modeling and simulation of radiation effects on electronics
  • Wrote and participated in the writing of proposals related to group research activities

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 2000-2003

  • Radiation effects engineer for MESSENGER and CONTOUR spacecraft
  • Performed single event effect testing of candidate spacecraft electronics at Brookhaven National Laboratories and the Texas A&M Cyclotron Facility as well as total ionizing dose testing using an in-house 60Co source
  • Developed procedures and performed up-screening of commercial electronics for spaceflight

Raytheon STX 1999-2000

  • Radiation effects on electronics engineer for manned space-flight systems including the International Space Station at Marshall Space Flight Center

Professional Activities

  • 2000-present: Reviewer for the Nuclear Plasma Society’s IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
  • 2015: Reviewer for Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, B
  • 2013 International Reliability Physics Symposium committee member
  • 2012 IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference Short Course presenter
  • 2011 International Reliability Physics Symposium committee member
  • 2015, 2005 Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Technical Session Chairman


  • 2017 HEART Conference Best Paper award
  • 2015 IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference Outstanding Conference Paper Award
  • 2007 IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference Outstanding Conference Paper Award