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Biomedical Engineering

BME 2860 and BME 3860

Course Description:

BME 3860 is the biomedical engineering mentored research course. It is intended to foster an ability to conduct research through work in a laboratory on a well-defined research project. The course is independent research, not independent study. The research may be either experimental or theoretical in nature or a combination of both and should be hypothesis driven. It must be conducted under the supervision of a BME faculty member or another faculty member approved by the course director. Students identify their own mentors and projects based on their research interests.  Students must typically be of junior or senior standing to register for this course, but exceptions may be made for sophomores who obtain special permission from the Course Director and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Amanda Lowery).

Course Requirements:

Students are expected to work 4 hrs/week per credit hour on the BME 3860 project (6 hrs/week per credit hour if summer). Students must attend one research seminar per semester per credit hour, preferably relevant to the research project (BME departmental seminars are recommended) and submit one Seminar Report per seminar (see here). Students must attend the associated lecture and present their work as a poster at the undergraduate research symposium at the end of the semester (see date below). Students also submit a manuscript summarizing their work at the end of the semester.


The preceptor grade will account for 50% of the student's final grade. The remaining components will be Presentation at the symposium (20%), Final Paper as graded by the course director (15%), and project presentations, participation, and seminar reports (15%). Grades of incomplete (I) are not permitted.

Course Director:

Dr. Franz Baudenbacher
6827 SC, (615) 322 6361


Getting Registered:

  • Undergraduate Research Symposium, Apr 21st, 2023, Featheringill Hall Atrium, 2:30 PM-3:30 PM*
  • BME Seminar Reports (amount equal to number of credit hours taken for BME 3860/3861) due Apr 28th at 5:00 PM
  • Latest date for manuscript due to course director/preceptor Apr 28th at 5:00 pm
  • Preceptor's Grade of student Manuscript due May 4th at 5:00 PM, send to the Course Director by email.

*If you need John Dunbar to print your poster, this must be done by April 14th.

  • Find a mentor and project
  • Fill out and submit BME 3860 Registration Form
  • or the BME 2860  Registration Form
  • Deadline for submitting the Registration Form is the course drop date of the upcoming semester.
  • The registration involves a series of steps. Make sure you get emails with the approval from your research advisor, your academic advisor, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and the Course Director.
  • Regristration in YES takes place after the registration process is complete.