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Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Curriculum Guide

Welcome to the study of biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University. To achieve our department's mission and objectives, the BME faculty has designed the curriculum described in this guide. This guide will allow you to navigate the BME undergraduate experience, prepare yourself for post-graduation pathways, and obtain a holistic understanding of what Vanderbilt BME has to offer.

Our curriculum will provide you the broad fundamentals of biomedical engineering and then allow you the flexibility to concentrate on your particular area of interest in your sophomore, junior, and senior years.


We Have Instated a New Undergraduate Curriculum

This improved curriculum offers students hands-on experience in BME as early as sophomore year and incorporates workshop- and collaboration-based projects throughout their undergraduate experience. Immediate and continuous exposure of topics within the field will provide students with a better understanding of BME earlier on, increasing their time to experience, explore, and employ all that they learn as they progress through the undergraduate pathway. This provides our students with a competitive edge as they pursue paths in industry and/or Master's, PhD, and MD programs throughout the country and overseas.


Undergraduate Curriculum Guides and Other Resources

Please reference the provided curriculum spreadsheets for your respective year as a skeleton from which you will build your own curriculum. Due to additional AP credit, majors, minors, or plans to study abroad, no two students' spreadsheets will be necessarily the same. Meet with your academic adviser as required prior to course registration for each semester and as needed for you to best plan your four-year curriculum.

For any other details not specified in the Undergraduate Curriculum Guides, please reference the current Undergraduate Catalog, also known as The Bulletin, published annually by the University.