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Biomedical Engineering

Biomaterials and Drug Delivery

Vessel Imaging

Researchers in the Biomaterials area seek to develop novel materials and apply known materials to probe basic scientific hypotheses across multiple length scales.  Macroscale biomaterials are used to develop tissue regenerative strategies (e.g., to promote wound healing) and also to study the impact of the composition and physical properties of three-dimensional constructs on cellular behavior.  Microscale delivery systems are typically utilized as Scaffolddepots for locally sustained, intelligent drug delivery.  Finally, significant focus is on materials of the nanoscale dimension, particularly for applications in drug and gene delivery.  In the drug delivery area, nanomaterials are developed for applications such as targeting of existing therapies to make them more safe and effective, enabling the therapeutic use of new classes of biologics that have significant pharmacokinetic barriers in the absence of delivery technologies, and development of new therapies for modulation of the immune system.  Novel drug delivery technologies are being developed for applications across many disease application areas, with particular focus on the area of new therapies that can block cancer development and metastasis. 

BME Faculty in Biomaterials and Drug Delivery:

Craig Duvall-

Michael King-

Todd Giorgio-

Cynthia Reinhart-King-