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Biomedical Engineering

Medical Devices and Modeling

Medical Devices and Modeling

This area of biomedical engineering focuses on the development of technology platforms for treatment and discovery.  The past advances in basic biomedical research have amplified our understanding Medical Devices and Modelingof disease at an astounding pace.  While important, the realization that the clinical translation of these discoveries has been a major bottleneck to impacting human health.  At Vanderbilt, we have been developing translational frameworks to resolve these Medical Devices and Modelingimpediments by training engineers to be intimately familiar with human disease & treatment as well as in the inception of novel technology-based platforms.  Medical devices and computational modeling are central to these investigation platforms which often involve novel instrumentation, mathematical models, imaging, and multiple biophysical domains for realization.   A biomedical engineer working in this domain strives toward a new paradigm that shifts patient care to diverse collaborative teams that work with physicians to create optimal technology platforms for achieving therapeutic goals.


BME Faculty in Medical Devices and Modeling:

Brett Byram, Ph.D.—

Franz Baudenbacher, Ph.D. –

W. David Merryman, Ph.D.—

Michael I. Miga, Ph.D.—

Todd D. Giorgio, Ph.D.—

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen Ph.D.—

Mikail Rubinov, M.B., Ph.D.—

Yuankai (Kenny) Tao, Ph.D.—

John Wikswo, Ph.D.—