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Civil and Environmental Engineering

About the Department


 Developing innovative solutions, having major impact on lives.

A Message from the Chair

Civil and Environmental Engineers have always tackledDr. Douglas Adams monumental problems, visualized the big picture, and developed innovative solutions to complex problems that have a major impact on people.  At Vanderbilt, we are fortunate to work in a world-class university, doing world-class research and creating a life-sustaining legacy for future generations.
Our approach, which is unusual for engineering schools and distinctive at Vanderbilt, is to integrate educational experiences across academic lines in both our undergraduate and graduate levels.  This tailored, multidisciplinary experience, on top of a strong engineering fundamentals foundation, gives our students a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace, irrespective of professional goals.
The people who teach our students and guide our research include world leaders in their respective fields. Our department's clear and focused goal is to prepare our students beyond technical proficiency - as leaders in developing innovative solutions to the complex problems that have a major impact on people's lives.
Douglas Adams
Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor, Mechanical Engineering