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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student & Faculty Highlights

Sankaran Mahadevan - EMI - President
Janey Camp
Janey Camp, Jonathan Gilligan
Ravindra Duddu - Royal Society
Jim Clarke - Kappe Award 2021 Maha - PHM Society
Carmichael Towers Implosion
Craig Philip
Shihong Lin
Maya Nashabi
Mark Abkowitz
Matthew Sato
2021 UG Awards
Dan Work - Chancellor Faculty Fellow
Irfan Ibrahim - NEUP 2021
ASCE 2021 Student Conference Awards
ASCE 2021 Student Conference Host
Hiba Baroud - Civic Innovation Challenge
ASCE 2021 Chapter Awards
Lori Troxel
Jim Clarke
Shihong Lin
Click here to read the article and/or click here to see the video about Professor Lin's award.
Craig Philip
Gene LeBoeuf
Mark Abkowitz - Scaling Up MoveVU
Dan Work
Doug Adams TIPs 2020
Florence Sanchez - Discovery Grant 2020
Maya Nashabi
Caroline Janssen
Kailey Newcome
dont text and kart
Gene LeBoeuf - FORSCOM
undergrad awards
senior design
best papers
George Hornberger
ASCE 2019 Honorable Mention
George Gunter
Janey Camp
Hiba Baroud -NSF Career Award
Hiba Baroud
VU Sustainability Advisory Council
2020 Eisenhower Fellowship
Doug Adams
Florence Sanchez
Lori Troxel
Lori Troxel - Future VU
Caglar Oskay - EMI-IC 2020
CE module 2019
1st Place TN Engineers Conf 2019
Fleming Yard
2019-2020 CEE Graduate Awards
CRESP - 25 years
Janey Camp
George Hornberger
George Hornberger
Janey Camp
Kevin Brown Florence Sanchez
Li Wang
Kailey Newcome
Rossane Delapp
Caglar Oskay - EMI Fellow
Janey Camp
Derek Gloudemans - NSF GRF 2019
ASCE 2019 conference
Janey Camp
CEE Grad Council - Nashville Food Project - March 2019
ASCE Fellow
Megan Harkema - NEUP
Ravindra Duddu
Li Wang
Kyle Neal
Hiba Baroud
Major General Gene LeBoeuf
2019 Eisenhower Fellowship - USDOT
Mark Abkowitz
Caglar Oskay
CEE Graduate Students - Second Harvest
Janey Camp
Andrea Gardiner
Hiba Baroud
Janey Camp
OFO Partnership TN Sustainability Award
Sankaran Mahadevan
Janey Camp
Florence Sanchez
Peng Zhang WM2018
Cole Brubaker
Check out PhD Candidate Cole Brubaker's research - "The 'shine' in gold particles has a new use – finding defects"
Jim Clarke - AAEES
Hiba Baroud
To learn more click here for the news story segment and the article  written.
Janey Camp - Metcalf Webinar
Janey Camp & Hiba Baroud
Sankaran Mahadevan
Raphael Stern & Dan Work
Dan Work
Ruize Hu
Caglar Oskay
Brandon Chisholm - Innovations 2018
Mark Abkowitz & Janey Camp
Vanderbilt 2018 Founders Medal
Gene - Major General Promotion
Frank Parker
Keegan Scholar
Will Barbour
Janey Camp - Nashville Mass Transit - WKRN
ASCE 2018 Student Conference
ASCE Second Harvest
Janey Camp
Hiba Baroud Let's Talk Risk Podcast
Rudra SEI profile highlight
Janey Camp - ABC News - Bridge Collapse
Kevin Brown - Florence Sanchez - Best Paper Nomination
Sanjiv Gokhale
Janey Camp
Our Library SLAYS
Sustainable Development
ASCE - Buffalo 2018
Maha AIAA Fellow
Florence Sanchez & Kevin Brown - Journal of American Ceramic Society
Leslie Gillespie-Marthaler
Janey Camp
Dan Work
Yezan Swaies
Rudra 2018 SEI Structures Congress
Janey Camp
Sterling Ranch 2018
Lifeway Implosion
Engineers Without Borders
Dream Big
Yonathan Reches
Jinzhu Yu
Charles Doktycz
Eisenhower Fellowship 2018
Dan Work Pioneer 2018
Dan Work NAE 2018 lecture
Hiba Baroud - Safest Cities
Chelsea Peters Mark Abkowitz
ASCE 1st Place
ASCE YM Group Creek Restoration
Xinyue Wang - Carl E. Adams Fellowship
Mark Abkowitz Hurricane Interview
Maddy Allen
Amy Shaw - AWMA Scholarship
Hiba Baroud
Hiba Baroud - Data Science Visions Committee
Craig Philip - AAEES committee
Sankaran Mahadevan - TIPS
Florence Sanchez - TIPS
Amy Shaw -  AWRA scholarship
ACE tour
Krahn & Clarke - Road to Now
Shihong Lin
2017 Certificate of Commendation - ASCE
ValaRae Partee
Gene LeBoeuf
Nathan Grosser
ValaRae Partee
ASCE 2017 Award
Gene LeBoeuf
George Hornberger
Mazita Mod Tahir
Ghina Nakad Award
ASCE 2017 Conference Awards
ASCE 2017 Conference
Race to Zero 2017
Zhangxin Wang Scholarship
Karen Page - Commodore Award
Caglar Oskay - ASME Fellow
Mark Abkowitz
Jack Ding - BOLD
Sterling Ranch 2017 Senior Design Trip
Hiba Baroud - Littlejohn Dean Faculty Fellowship
Florence - DGS
Janey Camp TPSE President
Craig - TRB Board
National Academies Committee - Gene LeBoeuf
Amy Shaw
Faculty Promotions 2015-2016
Craig Philip
Leslie Gillespie-Marthaler
Troxel - DIVE
Kosson - Earl Sutherland Prize
Doug Adams - Lazan Award
EMI/PMC 2016 Congrats

EMI/PMC 2016 Congrats

Brandon Chisholm


Xiang Zhang - EMI/PMC 2016


Chenzhao Li - EMI/PMC 2016

Shihong Lin


ASCE Scholarship Winners

ASCE 2016 Steel Bridge Winners

 Burchfield & Nay - Drought

Click here to learn more about Emily Burchfield's and John Nay's multi-disciplinary team.


Center Hill Dam Tour

Troxel - Sarratt Prize

Click here for more information about Lori Troxel and the Sarratt Prize.

NSFGRFP awards

Maha - SEC award

Click here for more information about Sankaran Mahadevan and the SEC Faculty Achievement Award.

Gene Active Duty

Click here to learn more about Brigadier General Gene LeBoeuf's call to active duty.

Thushara - PEO Award

Thushara Gunda - 3MT

Click here to learn more about this year's 3 Minute Thesis competition at Vanderbilt University.

Abkowitz - TRB

Maha - ASCE award


Chenzhao Li - AIAA 2016


Elan - Award

Mark Abkowitz Lifetime Achievement Award

Sterling Ranch Trip - January 2016

Marco Regoli

Girl Scouts Engineering Day

Sanjiv Gokhale

Craig Philip Maritime Tour

Steve Krahn - ANS

CM trip

Mark Abkowitz

Craig Philip - Lifetime Achievement Award - SCI

STEM awards

Janey Camp

Andrea Gardiner

LeBoeuf promotion Read more about Professor LeBoeuf's promotion to Brigadier General.

Drought Calculator 

Shuhai Zhang - EMI 2015





Maha EMI Fellow


Nice swing, Professor Adams! But what's he doing? Demonstrating his intelligent materials research for a camera crew from Discovery Canada. Adams' team is developing self-diagnosing and self-reporting surfaces. Watch the clip: Doug-LASIR-Discovery Channel 

The U.S. government faces the multibillion-dollar job of safely decommissioning nuclear plants. Who can help? Our nuclear environmental engineering professors and Ph.D. students. They routinely travel to Hanford, Oak Ridge and other sites to make them more environmentally friendly and explore future fuel cycles. Now, their work is grabbing national


The 100 nuclear reactors in the U.S. represent a $600 billion investment and 65 percent of our non-carbon-emitting power. Most of them are beyond their initial licensing period, and officials must prove their concrete structures are safe to serve the next generation. But what's the best way to do that? Our researchers are joining with those from industry, government and academia today and tomorrow to explore the options. Read more about their