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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Program Director - Sanjiv Gokhale

Vanderbilt's graduate studies in Construction Management are led by Professor Sanjiv Gokhale.  A structural engineer by education and training, Professor Gokhale has been involved in the design, construction, and program management of a variety of institutional, commercial and recreational facilities.

Dr. Sanjiv GokhaleDr. Gokhale, was recently selected again as a recipient of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Distinguished Professor Award for 2012. Gokhale also received this award in 2009. The award honors faculty who incorporated published CII research findings in courses they taught during the previous calendar year.

His courses cover CII best practices such as safety, front end planning, and project health assessment. He uses CII research and publications to provide real-life examples to his students. He frequently invites industry experts into the classroom and takes students on field trips to better prepare them for positions in the construction industry.

Gokhale has been active with CII through his work on three research teams and has participated in three Performance Improvement Workshops (PIWs). He also mentors high school students, helping them explore careers in civil engineering.

A structural engineer by education and training, Gokhale has been involved in the design, construction, and program management of a variety of institutional, commercial, and recreational facilities. Gokhale teaches undergraduates courses in civil engineering, and graduate courses in the construction management area.

Gokhale joined the civil and environmental engineering department in 2001. Prior to that, he was a tenured associate professor in the construction management program at the Purdue University School of Engineering. He has more than 15 years of consulting experience related to design and construction. He is a registered Professional Engineer in New York. He is the co-author of Trenchless Technology: Pipeline and Utility Design, Construction, and Renewal published in 2005 by McGraw Hill.

 His recent research interests and projects include:

  • Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time
  • Trade-Off Between Project Cost and Schedule
  • Optimizing Construction Input on Front-End Planning
  • Repair, Rehabilitation and Renewal of Underground Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Asset Management

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