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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Coursework - Environmental Engineering Mgmt. & Policy


Environmental Engineering Management & Policy courses are facilitated by the Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management Studies (VCEMS). This enables students to engage in interdisciplinary campus collaboration and courses within engineering law, business, social sciences, and human and organizational development.

* Required Courses


Climate Change Justice

Energy Law

Land Use Planning

The Future of Energy Markets in a Low Carbon Economy

Corporate Strategies for Environmental, Social & Governance Issues

The Law and Business of Climate Change

Environmental Anthropology

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing


Energy and Water Resources

Environmental Assessments

Environmental Characterization and Analysis


Introduction to Nuclear Environmental Engineering

Reliability and Risk Case Studies

Reliability and Risk Engineering Seminar

Enterprise Risk Management

Transport Processes in Earth and Environmental Systems

Sustainable Systems Science

Global Climate Change

Physics of the Climate System

Studies in Environmental History

Risk and Environmental Regulation

Darla Collection Methods

Human Geography

Global Dimensions of Community Development