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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Multi-Scale Structural Mechanics & Advanced Materials

Increasingly powerful advancements in computer and experimental technology...

....enable us to study, model and understand complex materials and systems in their smallest scales.  Vanderbilt faculty and students are conducting cutting-edge research at the forefront of multi-scale science and technology. This research area focuses on:

  • Mutliscale computational and experimental characterization of the durability of nanostructured cement-based materials
  • computational modeling of nano- and micro-systems
  • Risk and reliability analysis of composite material systems
  • Experimental impact, damage and fracture behavior of nanocomposites
  • Multiscale modeling of civil infrastructure system


Research Snapshot:Dr. Basu and Student conduct experiment

P.K. Basu, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The current research effort of Professor Basu is directed towards development of ductile cementitious armor material for superior blast and impact resistance by applying novel multiscale modeling and experimental characterization techniques; rapid life extension methods for deteriorated concrete bridges using composite patch repair; real-time monitoring of health of steel and concrete highway bridges using acoustic emission; and development of high performance cementitious materials for sustainable jointless bridges.
Dr. Basu is also Vanderbilt's Program Director for Graduate Studies in Civil Engineering.


Research Snapshot:

Çağlar Oskay, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering