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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Educational Funding Opportunities

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Dr. Bob Stammer Endowment for Student Development

Deadline: Applications accepted on an as needed basis.

Faculty and students can apply for funding related to Immersion, Research, or Professional Development. Awards will be based on Societal Significance, Relevance to Civil Engineering, Feasibility of Proposal, and Contribution to Student Development. Each student is limited to one (1) award each year with a maximum of $1,000 for travel for individual and $1,500 for travel for the whole class.

Examples include, but are not limited to: 

Immersion: Site visits to engineering projects, site visits with a class, supplies for course projects, travel for course projects;

Research: Materials for unfunded research with a faculty member, materials for independent resarch, travel for independent research, travel to present research findings at regional and national conferences;

Professional Development: Recruiting speakers to campus, attend a national convention directly related to civil engineering.

Finfrock Fund

Graduate student topping-up award for new students: Deadline - TBD

The Finfrock company has gifted the Civil Engineering department funds to encourage structural engineering learning and hands-on projects. Each year, the fund will award one graduate student a topping--up award of $5,000 for research focused on structural engineering and materials science. This can be used as a recruiting award (through the graduate admissions committee) or as an excellence award in structural and materials engineering category for an existing student.

Finfrock general funds: Deadline - Applications accepted on an as needed basis.

The Finfrock company has gifted the Civil Engineering department funds to encourage structural engineering learning and hands-on projects. Collaborations with architecture are encouraged. Funds up to $5,000 can be awarded to faculty or students and can cover equipment, travel, workshops, and similar experiences.

Funding examples include: Equipment in the lab that encourages structural engineering learning; expenses for travel to conferences, workshops, site visits with a structural engineering emphasis; learning materials used in the classroom to demonstrate concepts related to structural engineering; incentives for faculty to redesign courses with more hands-on activities, etc.

Sterling Ranch

Sterling Ranch Summer Week-Long Experience: Deadline - January 31, 2024

You will have the opportunity to travel with faculty to the Sterling Ranch development where you will learn about water rights in Colorado, renewable energy, site development, political hurdles, transportation, home building, xeriscaping, and more. You will visit many sites in the area related to the building of a community. All expenses are paid including travel, hotel, and food. Please complete and submit the Site Visit Application form by January 31, 2024 to be considered. 

Sterling Ranch Summer Internship: Deadine - January 15, 2024

You will work alongside the Sterling Ranch development team for 10 weeks in the summer. A variety of learning opportunities are available related to transportation, water, geotechnical, and more. This is a paid summer internship with housing assistance if needed. Please complete and submit the Internship Application form by January 15, 2024 to be considered.

KEEN Opportunities

The School of Engineering is a member to the KEEN Network, The Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network. The mission of KEEN is to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset (EM) so they can create personal, economic, and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work.

As part of the membership, we have 5 fully funded slots to attend virtually/in-person several different workshops. Workshop themese include: teaching and learning; discovery and research; leadership and integration; and student research. Membership also includes 5 slots for the national conference. These 5 seats include travel to/from, hotel stay, and conference registration. 

For more information or consideration for the workshops or the national conference please contact Julie Vernon.

Conference Travel Funds

VUSE students can apply for funding up to $500 to go towards travel costs to present their research at a conference. Applications must be submitted at least one month prior to the conference. Funds are contingent on availability. Applications must be submitted through this link.

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