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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Welcome to Civil and Environmental Engineering!

solar panels     Making Tangible Change      Thushara Gunda

      Do you want to change the world          Making Tangible Change in the World              Research for Tangible

                 as a Civil Engineer?                                                                                                          Change in the World


Spring 2019 Seminar Series

January 18 - TBD

February 1 - TBD

February 5 - Parker Lecture Series - Dr. David Pittman, ERDC

February 15Dr. Andreas Tselebidis, BASF

March 1 - Joint CEE & ME Seminar - Dr. Paul Veers, NREL

March 15 - Dr. Durelle Scott, Virginia Tech

April 8 - Special Seminar - Dr. Candace Brakewood, University of Tennessee

April 12 - Dr. Seth Guikema, University of Michigan