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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Master of Science

Candidates for the Master of Science must complete 24 semester hours of graduate level courses (12 hours in chemical engineering core courses, 6 hours in a minor field complementary to the research, and 6 hours in chemical engineering and related areas). The candidate's course selection is approved by the thesis advisor. In addition to course work, each degree candidate conducts research under the supervision of a faculty advisor, prepares a written thesis, and presents it orally to the faculty.

The program does not typically provide financial assistance to M.S. students, so applicants will be responsible for providing the funds to support their tuition and living expenses. Graduates holding a B.S. in science, mathematics, and other engineering disciplines must demonstrate sufficient skill and knowledge in problem solving for placement into the core chemical engineering courses. Persons interested in this program should contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Chemical Engineering for more detailed information.

Note that students are not required to obtain a M.S. degree before applying to the PhD program, and direct admission to the M.S. program is only offered under exceptional circumstances. Persons interested in obtaining a Ph.D. should apply directly to the Ph.D. program instead.

Jamey Young
Director of Graduate Studies
Vanderbilt University School of Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
PMB 351604
Nashville, TN 37235-1604