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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

ChBE Awards Ceremony on May 13, 2021

Prof. and Chair Kane Jennings presented Chemical Engineering department awards on Thursday, May 13th, 2021. Prof. Russell Dunn also presented awards for senior design. 

Senior Awards

Chemical Engineering Program Award: Pedro Seber Silva

The Dennis Threadgill Award: Anteneh Tebeje, Sagar Patel, Kurt Bertone

American Institute of Chemists Award: Kevin Ifiora, Edward McGee

Robert Tanner Undergraduate Research Award: Anup Challa

William A. Ma Award: Anup Challa

Senior Design Awards

First Place: Aaron Chang, Edward McGee, Sagar Patel, and Nicholas Shaub

Second Place: Pedro Seber, Jonathan Hung, and Arjun Bansal

Third Place (tie): Brendan Grigg, Benjamin Saba, Rachel Strons, Cassius Thom

Third Place (tie): Calvin Beck, Kurt Bertone, Sydney Juda, Avery Mann

Undergraduate Awards

The William A. Ma Award for Outstanding Junior in ChBE: Long Than

Professor’s Award for Distinguished Junior in ChBE: Riya Patel

The William A. Ma Award for Outstanding Sophomore in ChBE: Alex Stoneman

Professor’s Award for Distinguished Sophomore in ChBE: Jacob Lumpkins

The Karl B. Schnelle, Jr. Award for Thermodynamics: Lucas Mowery

ChBE Transport Award: Cassius Thom

Graduate Awards

The Tomlinson Fort Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Matthew Rogers

Best Research Paper by a 2nd/3rd Year Ph.D. Student: Xiaona Wen                  

Outstanding Graduate Student: Mohsin Rahim

Postdoctoral and Faculty Awards

Outstanding Performance by a Post-Doctoral Scholar: Dr. Peifu Cheng

The ChBE Award for Excellence in Teaching: Prof. Piran Kidambi


Widely used software, developed by Young Lab, tops 1,000 academic licenses

INCA chart

A software tool for metabolic analysis developed by a Vanderbilt chemical engineer recently passed 1,000 total academic licenses and is the most licensed software on the university’s online licensing and e-commerce platform.

Additionally, it was the third highest revenue generator on the platform, VU e-Innovations, for 2020. About 20 total commercial licenses have been sold since INCA was released. In 2020, a total of 125 licenses, the bulk of them academic, were sold. Read more.


Rafat receives Conquer Cancer Award from Concern Foundation

Marjan Rafat

Marjan Rafat, an assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has received an award for young and innovative cancer researchers from the Concern Foundation.

With it, she will investigate whether and how radiation therapy for triple negative breast cancer encourages circulating tumor cells to return to the original tumor site, creating conditions for relapse. Read More

Matt Lang and collaborators awarded P01 grant totaling $11 million

Matt Lang P01 Collaborators

For more than a decade Matt Lang and collaborators across the U.S. have worked to recreate key components of T-cells and how they know when to start fighting disease. Conventional wisdom suggested that T-cells formed regular, force-free bonds with infected cells, and in doing so caused the chain reaction of immune response. The team slowly built on its groundbreaking and controversial 2009 work that suggested the opposite—that the T-cell receptor required a force of some kind to activate. Read More

Lippmann, Wilson, and Young awarded one of NSF's 24 new projects to drive future manufacturing


One of the challenges of drug delivery systems is to optimize their targeting properties so therapeutic compounds used in smaller amounts reach only a specific area of the body and result in little or no side effects... Read More

Wilson awarded Komen breast cancer research grant

An engineering professor has received financial support from Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research... Read More

Cummings presents plenary plenary lecture at global thermodynamics conference

Peter T. Cummings presented the Molecular Physics Lecture, one of five plenary lectures, at the global Thermodynamics 2019 conference on the coast of Huelva at Punta Umbría, Spain, June 26-28..... Read More

ChemE major earns prestigious DOD scholarship

Rachel Strons, a rising junior majoring in chemical engineering, has received a SMART Scholarship, a prestigious program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. (Vanderbilt University)..... Read More

Dean presents 2018-2019 faculty, staff and student research awards

Dean Philippe Fauchet announced May 7 the promotions of two engineering faculty members at the final faculty meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year and presented four awards at a reception following the meeting..... Read More

Alumnus Corey Thomas and Senior Somto Dimobi elected to Board of Trust

The Vanderbilt Board of Trust has elected two members who are alumni, or soon will be, of the School of Engineering..... Read More

Lippmann awarded NSF CAREER grant to study mechanics of blood-brain barrier

Ethan Lippmann, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant..... Read More

Nanoparticle targets tumor-infiltrating immune cells, flips switch telling them to fight

Immunotherapy’s promise in the fight against cancer drew international attention after two scientists won a Nobel Prize this year for unleashing the ability of the immune system to eliminate tumor cells.... Read More

Research team documents potential new treatment path for breast cancer

Immunotherapies that take off the “brakes” on the adaptive anti-tumor response have worked well in melanoma and lung cancer but less so in breast cancers. That could change.... Read More

Vanderbilt engineering professor wins inaugural $2.5M Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for neurodegenerative disorders research

Ethan Lippmann, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Vanderbilt University, has won an inaugural Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for neurodegenerative disorders research. The five-year, $2.5 million award supports his goal of better understanding how blood-brain barrier dysfunction impacts neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s... Read More