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Financial Aid

Graduate students in the electrical engineering and computer science department seeking the Ph.D. degree receive a competitive stipend, full tuition waiver and health insurance. Typically, students are first supported on a Teaching Assistantship and then a Research Assistantship once a thesis advisor has been identified. Students on a Teaching Assistantship assist the faculty with undergraduate courses, typically by grading assignments and holding office hours. Opportunities to teach are available for those that wish to gain such experience. Both Teaching and Research Assistantships can be supplemented by any one of the following university fellowships, which are awarded through a competitive process to highly qualified applicants. Financial Aid

University Graduate Fellowships:

$5,000/year for up to 5 years.

Provost's Graduate Fellowships:
$10,000/year for up to 5 years.

Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Graduate Scholarships:
$6,000/year for up to 5 years.

School of Engineering IBM Fellowships:
$5,000/year for up to 4 years plus an award of
$1,000 for professional development.

In order to be considered for these fellowships, an applicant's file must be complete by January 15. Prospective applicants are also urged to apply for external fellowships or grants from national, international, industrial or foundation sources.