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Autonomous and Intelligent Human-AI-Machine Systems and Urban Environments

Bucket 1

Integration of networks and computing nodes and the physical world of sensors and machines together with people creates new challenges and opportunities for interdisciplinary research driven by computing and artificial intelligence. Areas of interest include:

  • Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
  • Trustworthy AI/Machine Learning
  • Computing and Connectivity for Driving City Innovations
  • Cognitive Science and Human Factors for Human-AI-Machine Systems

New CS faculty will join an engineering school with cutting edge, interdisciplinary programs and research centers. Among them:

Our priorities include developing robust, trustworthy AI systems and designing intelligent, autonomous systems that can work with people in a versatile and natural way.

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Vanderbilt leads $5 million project to revolutionize neurodiverse employment through AI

Vanderbilt engineers to design AI decision system for congested Interstate-24 corridor

$3.9M in grants for AI-powered microtransit and paratransit design

Array-of-Things air quality and traffic monitoring project gets $8.4M boost