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For our new faculty, please see the checklist for items that should be completed.


Vanderbilt requires that requesters first verify items are not sold via our preferred vendors and contracted supplies (catalog and non - catalog). Purchasing via preferred and contracted suppliers mitigates risk and protects research group purchases.
All r equests should be done via the online requisition request form or the RedCap Requisition form, and submitted to ECE -
Any purchases not made through the above process must be reviewed  and approved.
NOTE: The OneCard is to be used minimally, and not as a method to circumvent policy.
It is highly recommended that at least one research group member have Shopper capability. This is easily accomplished via SkyVU and is akin to shopping online; please contact Gretchen Burnett for more details.


Hiring interns and observers is a complex process, and it takes several weeks to accomplish depending on a variety of factors. Please communicate clearly with any potent ial interns and observers what needs to be done.
NOTE: Under no circumstances should a paid intern be allowed to work until the I-9 eVerify and background checks are completed. Please have your intern take care of these immediately to avoid a delay in hiring. This is federal law, and we are penalized for non-compliance.
Unpaid observers who are not minors must complete the background check and cannot work until they have done so.
Once the forms are completed, and all documents gathered per the checklist, please submit to your unit’s Administrative Manager to initiate the process.
The timeline is as follows:
Domestic intern/observers 6 weeks
J1 Interns –12 weeks
For any extensions, please notify the Administrative Manager well before the end date; this is treated as a reappointment, and the forms must be completed.


Prior to travel, please review Vanderbilt’s Travel and Entertainment Policy.
NOTE: For students and research staff, you must request approval from your advisor. In addition, if charged to a sponsored project, your advisor will need to confirm travel funds are budgeted. If you fail to do this, you could have your travel reimbursement denied.
For international travel, there are additional steps in the process, and you will need to work with your advisor to ensure compliance.
We recommend booking all travel through Concur as there are several advantages to doing so. The travel portal can be accessed via SkyVU. It is highly recommended that you use a system to keep track of your receipts (Expensify, Box, etc.)
Alcohol purchases are never allowed on sponsored projects, and if it is allowed, it must be separated out, using the appropriate account code. Caution should be taken with respect to requests for reimbursement for alcohol purchases.
Upon return from your travel, please enter in your expenses via SkyVU immediately. You must do this within 30 days of your travel. For any questions, please reach out to your Administrative Manager, the Grant Manager, or the Senior Officer for assistance with policy and procedures.


Grader hiring is a complex process. Please note that graders are not allowed to work until they have completed the I-9 and background checks. Please encourage graders to do this immediately.
For particulars on grader assignments, please contact Julie Johnson.