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Senior Design

The Senior Design/Capstone experience within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is the culminating effort of your undergraduate years. It consists of three courses, EECE 4950 and 4959 in the fall and EECE 4951 the following spring semester.

EECE 4959 is a joint seminar with the Departments of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Engineering Science (ES) and Mechanical Engineering (ME), which is held on Wednesday afternoons. The seminar sessions comprise a wide range of topics, some of which are to prepare for your projects and others of a more general nature that help to prepare for engineering as your profession.

EECE 4950 is unique in comparison to the other departmental fall semester presentations in that it accomplishes both an introduction to project management (it satisfies the ENGM 3700 Program and Project Management for those students who are pursuing a minor in Engineering Management) as well as give you the opportunity to pursue you project very deeply and thoroughly.

Also unique to the ECE senior design program is the opportunity to vie for two awards, the CF Chen and the WC Criley, each of which comes with a monetary reward. The CF Chen award goes to each ECE team member of the best team performing a project within the ECE department offerings. The WC Criley award is made to the ECE team members of a project that is sponsored by one of the other VUSE departments. See previous award winners here