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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence Research


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of heuristic algorithms that solve "difficult" (e.g., NP) problems. AI algorithms are characterized by the search that they perform of alternative solutions, and the knowledge that they exploit (e.g., obtained from a domain expert) to focus the search on promising solutions. The performance of AI algorithms is often characterized by expected (versus worst-case) time/space costs to find solutions, and by the quality of discovered solutions relative to optimal solutions.


  • Modelling of human cognitive processes including computational neuroscience. (Biswas, Fisher, Adams)
  • Modelling, analysis, and diagnosis of complex systems. (Biswas, Adams)
  • Intelligent learning environments. (Biswas)
  • Knowledge discovery in databases. (Biswas, Fisher)
  • Intelligent Manufacturing. (Biswas, Fisher, Adams)
  • Machine Learning. (Biswas, Fisher)
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence. (Adams)


Research Centers and Laboratories