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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Graphics Research


Computer graphics is the art and science of communicating information using images that are generated and presented through computation. Computer animation is the subset of this discipline that deals with the art and science of images intended to be viewed consecutively, and that convey a sense of motion.

These areas require the design and construction of models that represent information in ways that support the creation and viewing of images, the design of techniques through which the person may interact with the models or the view, the creation of techniques for representing and rendering the models, the creation of techniques for specifying and controlling the motion of the models, and the analysis of how visually compelling the results are. The goal of computer graphics is to engage the person's visual centers alongside other cognitive centers in understanding.


  • Processing and use of Motion Capture Data
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Variability in Motion
  • Effective Computational Parametrization of Motion
  • Evaluation of Animation Techniques