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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Human-Machine Teaming Research


The focus of this particular research area is the efficient and effective integration of humans with complex machines. Examples of such systems include air traffic control, aircraft cockpits, chemical processing, and the power industry. One current focus is the development of such systems for large robotic teams (10 or more robots).

This area focuses on the human factors and software engineering aspects of integrating such teams while also incorporating artificial intelligence techniques in order to provide intelligent information and interaction capabilities. This work requires the development of interfaces that rely on artificial intelligence but also provide intuitive interaction capabilities beyond the standard graphical user interface, computer keyboard, and mouse. Examples of multimodal interaction capabilities include eyeglass displays, speech, gesture recognition, and other novel interfaces.

This area requires the design and development of interaction and machine intelligence capabilities. Actual user studies are conducted to determine the contribution of new systems as compared to existing systems. A goal is to develop efficient and effective teams of humans and machines capable of assisting humans with their daily activities.


  • Complex Man-Machine Systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human-Robotic Interaction
  • Mixed Initiative Interaction
  • Distributed Agent Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Large Robotic Teams


Research Centers and Laboratories