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Energy and Natural Resources

George Hornberger, University Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Craig E.Philip Professor of Engineering, Director of the Vanderbilt Institute in Energy and the Environment
Hydrological processes, infrastructure systems—water treatment facilities, pipelines, sewers, highways, bridges, dams, hydroelectric facilities, irrigation systems and other aspects of the built environment, vulnerability exacerbated by approaches to allocate water among competing demands, climate change and drought in Sri Lanka

Steve Krahn, Professor of the Practice of Nuclear Environmental Engineering
Nuclear and environmental policy and regulation; risk assessment and risk management; operational readiness and technology insertion in nuclear facilities; the nuclear fuel cycle.

Gene LeBoeuf, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (on leave until 8/2017)
Environmental engineering, water resources engineering, water and environmental security, advanced characterization of natural organic matter, systems optimization and management, and contaminant fate and transport applied to groundwater, soil, and sediment systems.

Mark Abkowitz, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Risk management, risk assessment, infrastructure resilience, freight transportation, spatial analysis

Douglas Adams, Daniel F. Flowers Professor, Distinguished Professor and Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Nonlinear structural dynamics and vibrations, s tructural health monitoring/diagnostics and damage prognosis, n   oise and vibration control, a   pplications in aerospace and automotive systems, a pplications in energy systems including wind turbines and batteries, a   pplications in defense and security platforms