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Civil Infrastructure and Structural Reliability

Sankaran Mahadevan, John R. Murray Professor of Engineering
Structural Mechanics in Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Systems; Materials Durability – Metals, Composites, Cementitious Materials (Fatigue, Fracture, Creep, Corrosion and other Chemical Processes); Reliability and Risk Engineering; Structural Health Diagnosis and Prognosis; Computational Model Uncertainty; Optimization under Uncertainty

Hiba Baroud, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Critical infrastructure systems modeling, risk analysis, statistical modeling, risk-informed decision analysis, resilience modeling

Craig Philip, Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Transportation and Operational Resiliency (VECTOR)
Management and sustainability of freight transportation networks and operations, infrastructure resilience and application of risk management tools to public policy making, carrier safety management and regulation of 24/7/365 operations, water resource management and balancing multistakeholder interests

Bob Stammer, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emeritus
Highway and Pedestrian Safety, Crash Investigations, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Systems Design, Human Factors, and Multi-modal Freight

Mark Abkowitz, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Risk management, risk assessment, infrastructure resilience, freight transportation, spatial analysis