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Medical Devices

Benoit Dawant, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering, Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering
Medical image processing and analysis, image registration, image segmentation, image-guided surgery.

Michael Miga, Harvey Branscomb Professor, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Development of new paradigms in detection, diagnosis, characterization, and treatment of disease through the integration of computational models into research and clinical practice.

Nabil Simaan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Robotic systems for surgical assistance, theoretical kinematics of mechanisms, synthesis and optimization of robots and mechanisms, design of flexure mechanisms and flexible robots, parallel robots, actuation redundancy and kinematic redundancy

Robert Webster, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Image guidance, robotic surgery, screw theory, mechanics-based modeling, and optimal mechanism design

Jack Noble, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Medical image processing including image segmentation as well as other techniques related to computer-aided surgery.