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Medical Robotics

Michael Goldfarb, H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Design, modeling, and control of electromechanical devices and systems. Design of high-energy-density robotic actuators. Control of fluid-powered actuators and devices.

Karl Zelik, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Biomechanics of legged locomotion, lower-limb prosthetics, assistive technology, dynamic walking principles, neural control, human-device interfaces, mobility, rehabilitation engineering

Nilanjan Sarkar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Intelligent and autonomous systems, robot-assisted rehabilitation, computer-based intelligent systems, human-robot and human-computer interaction, kinematics, dynamics and control theory

Nabil Simaan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Robotic systems for surgical assistance, theoretical kinematics of mechanisms, synthesis and optimization of robots and mechanisms, design of flexure mechanisms and flexible robots, parallel robots, actuation redundancy and kinematic redundancy

Robert Webster, Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Image guidance, robotic surgery, screw theory, mechanics-based modeling, and optimal mechanism design