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Judith A. Pachtman Engineering Staff Award

Prior to 2008, this award was the VUSE Award for Professionalism in Staff Service.

2001     Jack Cannon, EECS
2002     Margarita Talavera, ChBE
2003     Jim Hightower, ME
2004     Phil Davis, Machine Shop
2005     Lewis Saettel, EECS/Dean's Office
2006     Sharon Lowe, Dean's Office
2007     Phil Vermeulen, IT
2008     Steve Wadley, Student Services (*Judith A. Pachtman Award)
2009     Janiece Harrison, Dean's Office
2010     Gary Walker, ME
2011     Linda Hurst Almas, Media Center
2012     Mark Holmes, ChBE
2013     Jean Miller, ME
2014     Brenda Jordan, Student Services
2015     Karen Page, CEE
2016     Paul van Wulven, ME
2017     John Dunbar, BME
2018     Adam McKeever-Burgett, Student Services
2019     Rossane Delapp, CEE
2020     Kristy Kruse, Inst for Software Integrated Systems