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Division of General Engineering

Methods of Evaluation

In ES 140x, you will be graded on your ability to successfully complete the discipline-specific modules you select. The discipline-specific modules should be treated as separate 1-credit-hour courses that are considered stand-alone entities. This unique course structure means that each of your three instructors for this course will have autonomy over the material presented and work assigned, and you will have the opportunity to evaluate each module and instructor.

Each instructor will assign a grade reflective of your ability to complete the requirements of each module. Please see the individual instructor for a specific module grade.

Each ES 140x section instructor has the right to weight grades in each module according to his or her own preferences; however, these weights are advertised to all ES 140x instructors and are similar (if not identical) to the other sections.

Unless otherwise stated, you will need to bring your laptop to all class sessions. Depending on your module selection, you may be required to install additional software on your laptop. This software will be provided to you at no additional cost and instructions or help sessions will be provided to assist you with the installation.