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Division of General Engineering

ES 140x - Introduction to Engineering

This website is the main information source for Introduction to Engineering (ES 1401, 1402, 1403). It contains general information for the course, instructor contact information, and important dates. Each module instructor will maintain his or her own syllabus and grades.

This course is designed to teach you basic engineering problem solving utilizing discipline-specific scenarios, engineering computing tools, and challenge-based learning techniques. This course is divided into three modules that are discipline-specific based on your area of interest within engineering. Conceivably, you will have three professors for this course with each one assigning you a separate grade. You will choose your modules during the registration period over the summer.

Introduction to Engineering is an opportunity for you to make an educated decision on the specific type of engineering that appeals to you the most. You may have already made your decision on a major; therefore, this class will allow you to be sure you made the right decision for you. Therefore, you should begin this course with an open mind; you are about to gain exposure to many ideas and principles you probably did not know existed, and in a course format in which you may have never participated before.

Finally, if you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to ask your professor, academic adviser, or go to the General Engineering office located in Featheringill Hall, Rm. 342.

Best of luck this semester and we are happy you are here.