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Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program

About Us

The Interdisciplinary Materials Science (IMS) program at Vanderbilt University offers a unique opportunity to design a master's or Ph.D. program that satisfies a graduate student's individual interests. With over 40 full-time faculty members involved in the program and an individually customized curriculum, many options are available to students who desire an advanced materials science degree. Hands-on research opportunities are possible owing to the extensive infrastructure at Vanderbilt for materials processing and characterization. A long history of collaboration between the Vanderbilt IMS program and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides the graduate student with exposure to truly state-of-the-art equipment and interaction with world-class scientists. Competitive stipends are available for qualified students to provide for a comfortable financial setting during the IMS graduate degree program.

Materials advancements improve the standard and the quality of living. They are indeed the underpinning of the development of new technologies. In today's sophisticated and complicated climate, continued advancements in materials demand intimacy among a variety of disciplines.  In this arena, there is extensive collaboration in both the teaching of and research in materials science.

Participating Departments