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Mechanical Engineering


Degree Programs

The program in mechanical engineering allows concentration in a variety of areas of mechanical engineering research. Candidates for the master of science degree present a thesis and a minor of at least 6 hours in one or more separate areas of study related to the major. The Ph.D. program includes two minors, one of at least 12 hours in a separate but related area and a second of 6 to 9 hours in a field other than mechanical engineering or mathematics. The selection of courses and total number of hours required are determined individually. The Master of Engineering, an advanced professional degree for engineers, is offered by the school of Engineering.

Program for the Master of Science Degree

The requirements for the master's degree include the completion of twenty-four semester hours of formal course work and submission of a research thesis. Courses are selected on an individual basis with the guidance of the student's major professor and the approval of the department.

Program for the Ph.D. Degree

The doctoral program requires forty-eight graduate hours beyond the master's degree. Half of these hours are taken up by course work; the remaining hours represent research work for the dissertation. Students must successfully complete qualifying exams prior to candidacy for the degree. Each program is tailored to the individual student's interest, in consultation with his or her major professor, in a format specified by the department. The choices of major professor and area of specialization are left up to the student. Once the dissertation is submitted and approved, a public oral presentation and examination are held. Both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs are administered by the Graduate School.

Program for the Master of Engineering Degree

This is an advanced professional degree especially designed for engineering practitioners who may pursue the degree one course at a time or as full-time students. This degree is administered by the School of Engineering, and application to the program can be made online at: