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Mechanical Engineering

Applied Mechanics and Materials Research Group

Carol RubinProfessor Carol A. Rubin
Phone: 615-322-3703
Fax: 615-343-6687


Research Topics

This group focuses on characterization of material behavior through mechanical testing procedures and computer modeling of those materials in mechanical components. Recent work includes various studies in indenting, rolling, and sliding contact behavior in rail and bearing steels, fretting and fatigue studies in riveted lap joints, and studies of modified layers and coatings on materials and machine components. Facilities include servohydraulic testing machines interfaced with high speed data acquisition systems and a 3-ball-rod rolling contact fatigue testing machine; finite element computer modeling is performed on the Vanderbilt University main frame computer and through remote access to external supercomputing facilities.

Photo Gallery

Figure 1. Side view of the displaced finite element mesh for a 3-D model of a 2-rivet-row lap joint; rivets all have two standard rivet heads (mag. factor=6).

Figure 2. Close-up of contours of the longitudinal stress in a 2-rivet-row lap joint obtained from the 3-D finite element model.