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Benefits of Program Participation

Alumni Mentor with Students at Reception

For Our Students

For Our Alumni

•     Grow in self-awareness and self-discipline

•     Deepen your knowledge of a specific industry, employer, organizational culture, and job function

•     Test ideas and construct a personalized development plan with the help of a real world professional

•     Learn to receive and accept both praise and constructive feedback

•     Sharpen your active listening skills

•     Improve your job search and networking skills

•     Enhance your overall professional effectiveness

•     Expand your existing network

•     Gain a heightened sense of belonging and purpose

•     Share knowledge about your education, career path, successes and failures, and what your experiences have taught you

•     Acquire experience in coaching and fostering the talent of future leaders

•     Increase the value of your Vanderbilt engineering degree by investing in future alumni

•     Cultivate a stronger connection with the Vanderbilt School of Engineering

•     Deepen your knowledge of the current student body and campus community

•     Network with other alumni participants

•     Experience renewed pride and excitement for your field of work

•     Gain a heightened sense of belonging and purpose