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Participant Testimonies

Read an article featuring one of our pilot year mentor-student pairs, cardiologist and associate dean for diversity affairs at Vanderbilt's School of Medicine, Dr. Andre Churchwell, and current biomedical engineering student, Aditya Karhade.

Spring 2014 Reception Group Picture

Feedback from Our Students

"My mentor has been extremely helpful and open-minded. He provides advice any time he can and has offered to help me meet people that will better my career. He also gives his undivided attention to me when we meet, which is impressive for such a busy man."

"My mentor helped me negotiate my job offer and gave me valuable advice that helped with choosing between two competing offers."

"Talking to someone who walked in the same footsteps as me at one point really brings a lot of unity to my idea of education leading to a favorable workplace outcome."

"My mentor has been wonderful and incredibly helpful. His connections have already afforded me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. I am so thankful for this program and my mentor."

"The best part is that my mentor possesses a lot of international work experience. She has been really helpful with her advice about my career path, internship search, and life in general."

"This mentoring experience has showed me just how many career options a student has with an engineering degree."

"I've enjoyed knowing that someone outside my family and friends wants to see me succeed. Also, learning interview skills from my mentor has helped me feel confident during interviews."

"My mentor connected me with colleagues in the exact career path I'm considering. They were really informative and even encouraged me to apply for a summer internship."

"My mentor quickly and thoroughly answers all questions I may have. She has suggested several career paths for me and assisted me in applying for positions."

Feedback from Our Mentors

"I have enjoyed sharing my experiences and learning about changes in the engineering program."

"The best part has been connecting with my mentee and getting a really positive feeling that I'm offering advice that will help her make good choices."

"Connecting with a student at Vanderbilt has renewed my sense of place with the School of Engineering."

"The most rewarding part of the experience so far, for me, has been the opportunity to impart lessons that I have learned over the past 10 years on someone who is just beginning their post-Vanderbilt career. It has been particularly rewarding because my mentee is so open to learning. I wish that I knew what I know now and am just glad I'm able to help someone else get ahead of the curve."

"Getting to know a student and learning how similar, and different, his experience is from mine as a student as well as being able to share insights, hopefully to his benefit, has been my favorite part."

"I enjoy helping to open my mentee's eyes to some of the challenges he isn't aware he'll face yet."

"I like spending the time to really help someone. I have made myself available and spent hours on the phone serving as a sounding board and offering suggestions for conversations with employers. I was happy to offer my experience in the area, as he had no one else he felt comfortable discussing this with."

"I've enjoyed getting to know my two students and having the opportunity to give back to the School of Engineering in a way other than through monetary means."