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December, 2005

Vanderbilt engineering professor named IEEE fellow

Dec. 16, 2005—IEEE, the international electrical engineering association, has named biomedical engineering professor Robert Galloway an IEEE Fellow. The prestigious fellowship was bestowed in recognition of his “leadership in the field of image-guided therapy.” IEEE Fellowships are granted following a rigorous evaluation process by the Fellow Committee and a vote by the IEEE Board of Directors. Galloway’s...

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Simulations by Vanderbilt researchers suggest possible impact of buckyballs on DNA

Dec. 7, 2005—Soccer-ball-shaped “buckyballs” are the most famous players on the nanoscale field, presenting tantalizing prospects of revolutionizing medicine and the computer industry. Since their discovery in 1985, engineers and scientists have been exploring the properties of these molecules for a wide range of applications and innovations. But could these microscopic spheres represent a potential environmental hazard?...

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Vanderbilt engineer receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award for nano-fiber concrete research

Dec. 5, 2005—“Cast in concrete” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Concrete structures from bridges to condominium complexes are susceptible to cracks, corrosion and other forces of natural and man-made chemical assault and degradation. Aging structures can be repaired, but at significant cost. Florence Sanchez, civil and environmental engineering assistant professor, is looking into the...

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