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May, 2006

Vanderbilt recognizes Engineering faculty, staff achievements

May. 9, 2006—Dean Kenneth F. Galloway of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering presented three awards to faculty and staff members for their exemplary research, teaching, and professional service during the 2006 academic year. The awards were given during a May 9 ceremony in Featheringill Hall at Vanderbilt. The Edward J. White Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence in...

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Vanderbilt engineers to help Air Force use Global Information Grid

May. 1, 2006—Frustrated with cell phone dead zones, busy signals, e-mail spam, endless voice mail loops and other exasperating aspects of technology? Now, imagine the plight of a soldier needing quick information in a life-or-death scenario who has to deal with the same issues. Vanderbilt engineers are working on software to harness the powers of the Global...

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